Cabinet-level positions include the secretary of state and the secretary of labor.

What are the positions in the Cabinet?

The Cabinet includes the Vice President and the heads of 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the

Which two are not Cabinet-level positions?

The speaker of the House and the president pro tempore of the Senate follow the vice president and precede the secretary of state in the order of succession, but both are in the legislative branch and are not part of the Cabinet.

How many Cabinet positions are there?

The Cabinet is an advisory body made up of the heads of the 15 executive departments. Appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, the members of the Cabinet are often the President’s closest confidants.

How many Cabinet members are there in the Philippines?

Currently, it includes the secretaries of 22 executive departments and the heads of other several other minor agencies and offices that are subordinate to the president of the Philippines.

What were the first Cabinet positions?

While the current presidential cabinet includes sixteen members, George Washington’s cabinet included just four original members: Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of War Henry Knox, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph.

What is the role of each Cabinet member?

The members of the President’s Cabinet advise the President on all important problems he/she must face. They also lead the departments for the Executive Branch of our government. Congress must give its approval to the men and women the President appoints before they can take office.

How many cabinets are in the executive branch?

President Joe Biden’s Cabinet includes Vice President Kamala Harris and the heads of the 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and

What are the Cabinet positions in Philippines?

Cabinet secretaries

  • Executive Secretary.
  • Secretary of Agrarian Reform.
  • Secretary of Agriculture.
  • Secretary of Budget and Management.
  • Secretary of Education.
  • Secretary of Energy.
  • Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • Secretary of Finance.

Who are the Cabinet Members in the Philippines?


Salvador Medialdea Executive Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin, Jr. Foreign Affairs
Bernadette Romulo Puyat Tourism Ramon Lopez Trade & Industry
Alfonso Cusi Energy Mark Villar Public Works & Highways
John Castriciones Agrarian Reform Eduardo Año Interior & Local Government

Who is the head of the Cabinet?

The Cabinet Secretariat functions directly under the Prime Minister. The administrative head of the Secretariat is the Cabinet Secretary who is also the ex-officio Chairman of the Civil Services Board.

Why is the Cabinet called the Cabinet?

The term “cabinet” comes from the Italian word “cabinetto,” meaning “a small, private room.” A good place to discuss important business without being interrupted. The first use of the term is attributed to James Madison, who described the meetings as “the president’s cabinet.”

Which describes the Cabinet members?

Which describes cabinet members? They lead the executive branch.

How many Cabinet secretaries are there?


While not explicitly identified in the Constitution, the Cabinet secretaries are the 15 agency heads who are in the presidential line of succession. The vice president is also part of the Cabinet.

Who are the 20 cabinet secretaries of the Philippines?



Who is the 2nd president of the Philippines?

Elpidio Quirino, (born Nov. 16, 1890, Vigan, Phil. —died Feb. 28, 1956, Novaliches), political leader and second president of the independent Republic of the Philippines.

What number is Duterte?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services – What are two … ·

Who is the most powerful in the Cabinet?

The Cabinet Secretary is arguably India’s most powerful bureaucrat and the right hand of the Prime Minister of India.

What are the duties of the 15 Cabinet departments?

Terms in this set (15)

  • State. advises president on foreign policy and negotiates treaties with foreign countries.
  • Treasury. produces coins and bills, collects taxes; enforces alcohol, tobacco, and firearm laws; IRS and US mint, Secret Service.
  • Defense (war) …
  • Justice (Attorney General) …
  • Interior. …
  • Agriculture. …
  • Commerce. …
  • Labor.

What is the most important Cabinet position?

The Attorney General
She is the lead attorney in the country, responsible for prosecuting or defending important court cases on behalf of the people and also the Administration.

What are the five most important posts in the Cabinet?

The staff includes the president’s most trusted aides, the counselor to the president, a number of senior advisors, and top officials who work with the president in the areas of foreign policy, the economy, national health care, the media, and defense.

What are the 3 positions of the executive branch?

Executive Branch of the U.S. Government

  • President—The president leads the country. …
  • Vice president—The vice president supports the president. …
  • The Cabinet—Cabinet members serve as advisors to the president.

What is a cabinet members?

A cabinet is a body of high-ranking state officials, typically consisting of the executive branch’s top leaders. Members of a cabinet are usually called cabinet ministers or secretaries.

What are the levels of government?

Government in the United States consists of three separate levels: the federal government, the state governments, and local governments.

What are the 3 main types of government?

Our federal government has three parts. They are the Executive, (President and about 5,000,000 workers) Legislative (Senate and House of Representatives) and Judicial (Supreme Court and lower Courts).

What is legislature executive and judiciary?

the Legislative – the part that makes laws. the Executive – the part that carries out (executes) the laws. the Judicial Branch – the courts that decide if the law has been broken.

Who falls under the executive branch?

The executive branch consists of the President, his or her advisors and various departments and agencies. This branch is responsible for enforcing the laws of the land.

What branch can declare war?

The Constitution grants Congress the sole power to declare war. Congress has declared war on 11 occasions, including its first declaration of war with Great Britain in 1812.

Which branch is in charge of money?

Among the many powers given to the legislative branch, or the Congress, are the powers to introduce bills, collect taxes, regulate commerce with foreign countries, coin money, and declare war.

Which branch coins print money?

In the United States, coins are made by the United States Mint and paper money is made by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Both are part of the federal Department of the Treasury in the executive branch.