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1933-1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt John N. Garner
1941-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Henry A. Wallace
1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry S. Truman
1945-1949 Harry S. Truman office vacant

Who was president in the 40s and 50s?

Harry S. Truman (May 8, 1884 – December 26, 1972) was the 33rd president of the United States, serving from 1945 to 1953. A lifetime member of the Democratic Party, he previously served as a U.S. senator from the state of Missouri from 1935 to 1945.

Who were the presidents from 1930 to 1950?


  • 1 1930s. 1.1 Presidency of Herbert C. Hoover. 1.2 Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • 2 1940s. 2.1 Presidency of Harry S. Truman.

Who was president in the late 40s?

It was held on Tuesday, November 5, 1940. Incumbent Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Republican businessman Wendell Willkie to be reelected for an unprecedented third term in office. Presidential election results map.

Who were the 2 presidents in the 1950s?


  • 1 1950s. 1.1 Presidency of Harry S. Truman. 1.2 Presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • 2 1960s. 2.1 Presidency of John F. Kennedy. 2.2 Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson. 2.3 Presidency of Richard M. Nixon.

Who were the presidents during 1930 1939?

Selected Images From the Collections of the Library of Congress

1929-1933 Herbert Hoover Charles Curtis
1933-1941 Franklin D. Roosevelt John N. Garner
1941-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Henry A. Wallace
1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Harry S. Truman

What happened in the 1930s and 1940s?

History: Race in the U.S.A., a timeline created by the American Anthropological Association, looks at milestones in thinking and actions about race in government, science and society. The New Deal programs of the 1930s helped revive the U.S. economy after the Great Depression.

Who were the presidential candidates in 1944?

The 1944 United States presidential election was the 40th quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 7, 1944. The election took place during World War II. Incumbent Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Republican Thomas E. Dewey to win an unprecedented fourth term.

What significant event happened in 1940?

1940. German dictator Adolf Hitler invades Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands , Belgium, Luxembourg, and then France. He devastates opposing forces with “blitzkrieg,” a strategy that stresses surprise, speed, and overwhelming force using air planes and mechanized ground forces.

What was happening in the US in the 1940s?

The United States enters World War II after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. It would face the Empire of Japan in the Pacific War. Germany, Italy, and Japan suffer defeats at Stalingrad, El Alamein, and Midway in 1942 and 1943.

Who became president in 1953?

Eisenhower obtained a truce in Korea and worked incessantly during his two terms (1953-1961) to ease the tensions of the Cold War. Bringing to the Presidency his prestige as commanding general of the victorious forces in Europe during World War II, Dwight D.

What were all the Presidents names in order?


  • George Washington (1789–1797)
  • John Adams (1797–1801)
  • Thomas Jefferson (1801–1809)
  • James Madison (1809–1817)
  • James Monroe (1817–1825)
  • John Quincy Adams (1825–1829)
  • Andrew Jackson (1829–1837)
  • Martin Van Buren (1837–1841)

Which president got stuck in a bathtub?

President William Howard Taft

And President William Howard Taft, a man of great stature . . . well, he got stuck in a bathtub.

Who ran for president in 1948?

The 1948 United States presidential election was the 41st quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 2, 1948. In one of the greatest election upsets in American history, incumbent President Harry S. Truman, the Democratic nominee, defeated Republican Governor Thomas E. Dewey.

Who ran for president in 1942?

1942 United States elections

Incumbent president Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democratic)
Next Congress 78th
Senate elections
Overall control Democratic hold
Seats contested 35 of 96 seats (32 Class 1 seats + 4 special elections)

Who ran for president in 1936?

The 1936 United States presidential election was the 38th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 1936. In the midst of the Great Depression, incumbent Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Republican Governor Alf Landon of Kansas.

What was the 40’s known for?

The 1940s tower over every other decade of the 20th century as the most full of sorrow, patriotism, and ultimately, hope and the beginning of a new era of American dominance on the world stage. This decade, commonly called “the war years,” is synonymous with World War II.

What are some fun facts about the 1940s?

Here are some interesting facts about 1940s history and pop culture.

  • 1) 1940: Two World War II Leaders Start Their Term.
  • 2) 1941: A Surprise Attack and FDR’s Famous Speech.
  • 3) 1942: Japanese American Internment Camps.
  • 4) 1943: Italy Surrenders.
  • 5) 1944: D-Day.
  • 6) 1945: World War II Ends.
  • 7) 1946: The Debut of the Bikini.

What was popular in 1940s?

With the addition of sound, movies became increasingly popular. Comedies, gangster movies, and musicals helped people forget their troubles. In the early 1940s, some of the great dramas of American film reached theaters. Radio was also wildly popular, offering many kinds of programs, from sermons to soap operas.

What was the No 1 song in 1940?

I’ll Never Smile Again

The first National Best Selling Retail Records number-one single was “I’ll Never Smile Again” by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra. Featuring vocals by Frank Sinatra and the vocal group the Pied Pipers, the song topped the chart for twelve consecutive weeks and elevated Sinatra to national popularity.

What did they eat in the 1940s?

Here are a few of the most popular foods from the 1940s.

  • Gold Nugget Cake. It turns out that banana bread isn’t the only sweet treat that calls for days-old bananas. …
  • Jell-O Salad. …
  • Lord Woolton Pie. …
  • Potato And Hot Dog Salad. …
  • Deviled Lobster. …
  • Plum Charlotte. …
  • Oslo Meals. …
  • Meatloaf.

What was family life like in the 1940s?

Families could not live a normal life without worry or fear for themselves and their children. Separation between families was not a choice; women, men and children were forced to separate and were either killed or used as slaves. Women had more responsibility as their husband’s would join the army.

How old did you have to be to get married in the 1940s?

The following table shows the median age of men and women when they were first married in the United States from . The median age for a man’s first marriage was 28.2 years in 2010, up from 26.1 in 1990.
Median Age at First Marriage, 1890–2010.

Year Males Females
1940 24.3 21.5
1950 22.8 20.3
1960 22.8 20.3
1970 23.2 20.8

What was dating like in the 1940’s?

Boys were expected to be mature, respectful, and impress a girl’s parents. So far, not bad. They were also expected to call in advance, show up on time, and pay for the date. Girls were not supposed to ask a boy out, so it was really his choice of who to go out with.

What was parenting like in the 1940s?

Traditionally, mothers needed all the help they could to run their homes. Children were expected to do their share, which gave them a sense of purpose and taught them skills and responsibility. Play was the reward for a job well done – or a convenient way to keep kids occupied when they couldn’t help.

What games did they play in the 1940s?

The traditional fun games for families in the 1940s were cards, dice, Pick-up-sticks, Noughts and Crosses, and Jacks. Many of these are still very popular today in the 2020s. Here you will find instructions to give the games a try for yourself as we think back to life 75 years ago when World War Twp ended.

How were babies raised in the past?

Centuries ago, mothers would breastfeed children until the age of around five. Humans have been foraging hunter-gatherers for most of their history. Farming gradually began to take over from the time of the last Ice Age 13,000 years ago, although some hunter-gatherer societies remain.

What was Benjamin Spock’s theory?

Spock advocated a radically different approach. He believed that children come into the world with distinct needs, interests and abilities, and that the core of good parenting is attending carefully to what each child requires at each stage of development.

What was the most shocking thing that Spock said?

Doctor Spock wrote: “Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do“. VOICE TWO: This message shocked many parents.

What did Dr Spock say about crying babies?

I was one of the first paediatricians to say that’s nonsense. That rule made babies cry. “It was even harder on mothers, they bit their nails in anguish waiting for the clock to say this is the minute you can feed.”