Policy debater – student who debates with a partner in Policy debate. IE – student who competes in one or more individual events.

What is IE in speech and debate?

IE – Short for Individual Events, which is a synonym for speech events, and does not include debate events. Ironically, Duo Interpretation is usually thought of as an IE, even though two people take part in it, and Lincoln/Douglas Debate is usually not thought of as an IE even though one student represents each team.

What does ths mean in debate?

Motion: a statement that is given to you before a debate that you have to argue in favor or against depending on your teams’ side. Motions usually begin with the phrase “This House Believes That (THBT)”. However, there are some variations: “THSupports”, “THRegrets”, “THWould”. The difference will be explained later on.

What does thw mean in debate?

This house would

You may also see common abbreviations such as THW – This house would, THBT – This house believes that, and THR – This house regrets.

What Are debate teams called?

Debating team

Each debate involves two debating teams who take opposing sides of the topic, either affirmative (for) or negative (against). The teams alternate speakers. The affirmative team speaks in support of the topic. Their goal is to persuade others that the topic is true.

How do you win a debate?

Tips For Winning Debates and Arguments

  1. Decide On a Position You Feel Capable Of Defending. …
  2. Become Well-Informed About Both Your and Your Opponent’s Positions. …
  3. State a Thesis At the Beginning. …
  4. Listen Carefully To Your Opponent’s Response. …
  5. Do Not Forego the Objections That Your Opponent Raises.

How do you greet in a debate?

How To Start A Debate Greeting (Examples)

  1. Good morning to all of you present here. …
  2. Good morning respected jury members, teachers and my dear friends. …
  3. ‘ Good evening respected judges, my worthy opponents, faculty members and audience , I (NAME) hereby humbly express my thanks for your interest in the (SUBJECT ).

Whats does TFW mean?

that feel when

TFW or tfw is an abbreviation on social media and the internet that usually means “that feel when,” “that feeling when,” or “that face when.”

What does the 1st speaker say in a debate?

First Speaker (Affirmative): The first affirmative must introduce the debate as a whole, not just their team’s side. This means that they need to provide a DEFINITION (that is, defining the key terms and the topic as a whole in the MOST REASONABLE way).

What are the words used in debate?

Conceding an argument

  • It’s true/obvious/evident that … However, …
  • While you might say that …, it’s important to remember that …
  • I agree with you that … On the other hand, …
  • Although/even though it is true that… …
  • I agree/admit/concede that… , but we must remember that…
  • I can understand that…

Who speaks first in a debate?

1. The first persons to speak will be the first speaker for the affirmative side. 2. That person will be allowed up to seven minutes to present his or her case.

What does CX stand for in debate?

It is also referred to as cross-examination debate (sometimes shortened to Cross-X, CX, Cross-ex, or C-X) because of the 3-minute questioning period following each constructive speech.

What does the 3rd speaker say in a debate?

any particularly strong rebuttal points from the other teams’ argument. Present speech. The content of the third speakers’ speech is summing up the case – find out what points the other people in your team are using and restate them.

What does FTFY mean?

fixed that for you

Phrase. FTFY. (Internet slang) Initialism of fixed that for you: appended to a quotation that has been modified to include a correction.

What does TMW mean in text?


TMW is short for tomorrow, the day after today.

What does MFW mean in texting?

my face when

The acronym mfw is short for my face when. It often appears in a single sentence or in a story, followed by a reaction image that communicates how the poster feels.

What words should you not use in a debate?

Everyone thinks you’re a…” “Everyone I know would agree with me…” “You’re always…” “This always happens..” “You do this every time…” You do this all the time…” These all result in a useless conversation. First of all, it’s unrealistic to make such claims.

What to say to end a debate?

Concluding the Debate Speech. Write a strong conclusion. At the end, you should reiterate your overall stance on the topic to reinforce your position. It’s a good idea to conclude with your intention to do something and with a strong appeal for action as well.

How do I introduce myself in a debate?


  1. Start by greeting your judges, teachers and the audience.
  2. Say good morning or good evening sir/madam. Never say good night at late hours.
  3. Mention the topic you are going to speak for/against.
  4. Do say have a nice day or thank you for letting me share my thoughts/opinion on the topic/matter.

Whats the meaning of thr?

Abbreviation for total hip replacement.

What is squirreling in debate?

A squirrel is a term in debating jargon, particularly in parliamentary debate, that indicates a definition from the side of the opening speaker that makes it too easy for his or her side. The first speaker in a debate, who is defending the motion or proposition, generally has to define the terms used in the motion.

What does THBT stand for?


Acronym Definition
THBT This House Believes That (debate tournaments)

What does THP mean?


Acronym Definition
THP Take Home Pay (net wages)
THP Transparent Huge Page (Linux)
THP Total Horse Power
THP Thrust Horse Power

What does TP mean in Snapchat?

Toilet Paper” is the most common definition for TP on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

What does THB mean in texting?

Tbh: To Be Honest, the Meaning is Perfectly Clear.

Is tho a real word?

an informal, simplified spelling of though.

Whats is thy?

Definition of thy

archaic. : of or relating to thee or thyself especially as possessor or agent or as object of an action —used especially in ecclesiastical or literary language and sometimes by Friends especially among themselves.

What is my in Old English?

From Middle English mi, my, apocopated form of min, myn, from Old English mīn (“my, mine”), from Proto-West Germanic *mīn, from Proto-Germanic *mīnaz (“my, mine”, pron.) (possessive of *ek (“I”)), from Proto-Indo-European *méynos (“my; mine”).

How do you say myself in Old English?

Etymology. From Middle English myself, meself, me-self, me sylf, from Old English mē self, mē seolf (“myself”), equivalent to me (pronoun) + self (pronoun), later partly reinterpreted as my + self (noun), my +‎ -self.

What does Thu mean in text?

Also found in: Dictionary, Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. THU. Thursday.

What does B mean in texting to a girl?

B is an affectionate term for a loved one. It is often times used to address a homie, ya girl, or ya moms.

What does K mean in text?

K means “Okay.” This is the most common definition for K on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. K. Definition: Okay.